How we work for our customers

Here at PamConsult we understand that commissioning bespoke software, or indeed adopting any new software, is a huge decision which will have a wide ranging impact on the business. We therefore do everything we can to aid you through the process, to understand your options and to ensure you are delighted with the end result.

Technical Consultation

We always recommend a technical consultation when you first start thinking that bespoke software could help your business. During this process we will work with you to understand the underlying causes of the problems you face, the impact new software will have and whether an off the shelf product would be more suitable.

Scoping Project

Next, if bespoke software is agreed to be the best way forward, we will undertake a scoping project. It is at this stage that we will work closely with you, the end users and any other stakeholders to fully understand and agree your requirements. We’ll advise on any changes to workflows needed, and on how the new solution will work with your existing systems. We will then be able to provide an accurate quotation for the full project, and will offset the scoping fee should you decide to go ahead.

Design and Build

Once your requirements are in place we will start building your solution. At PamConsult we are firm believers in an inclusive, transparent and cost effective development structure. Which means you’ll get to see designs and mock ups before any development starts, and have the opportunity to comment and make changes as necessary. It also means we will rarely develop everything in one go. Instead we will develop in agreed phases so you can get the benefit of key functionality early and we can keep tweaking to make sure you’re completely happy.


And when you are completely happy with the finished product, we still be on hand to offer support as required. We can offer training to staff, answer queries and help to integrate the new system into your business. From a technical perspective, we can also host the application on our secure servers.

If you have any queries about working with PamConsult, please contact us directly.

Our Services

In addition to our own projects and solutions, we offer custom software development in a wide range of areas.

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We specialize in the development of solutions for software companies, enterprises, online businesses and others world wide.
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